AJRA - Atlanta Junior Rowing Association

Atlanta Juniors Bring Home the Golden Hammer

For the sixth year running, Atlanta Juniors went down to the Atlanta Erg Sprints, and returned home with a golden hammer trophy for overall Junior Team Points!

JK2017GATechErg - 262

The day was filled with individual highlights, huge personal records, and great support between all teammates during tough competitions. AJRA athletes competed in nine different events, coming home with 18 total medals. Ada Dildar and Clara Warmath also set new records in their respective events, bringing home an individual golden hammer in addition to their gold medal. AJRA parents and alumni also were out in force, bringing home several medals of their own!


Individual Results

Gold Medalists: Duke Brady (Junior Men), Paige Cohen (Junior Women), Ada Dildar (Junior Lightweight Men), Clara Warmath (Junior Lightweight Women), Will Holt (Junior Novice Men), Connor Slawin (Junior Coxswain Men), Sally Weltner (Junior Coxswain Women)

Silver Medalists: Oliver Babb (Junior Men), Dylan Paul (Junior Lightweight Men), Amanda Mitchell (Junior Novice Women)

Bronze Medalists: Oscar Lee (Junior Men), Sarah Stacks (Junior Lightweight Women), Chris Halliwell (Junior Novice Men), Jasmine Lewis (Junior Novice Women), Caitlin Raad (Junior Coxswain Women)


Team Results

Gold Team Relay: Duke Brady, Allie Filan, Kunal Vohra, Jasmine Lewis

Silver Team Relay: Oscar Lee, Paige Cohen, Chris Halliwell, Kaitlin Porter

Bronze Team Relay: Dylan Paul, Riley Anderson, Ben Tallant, Amanda Mitchell


Results are available online, as well as several photo galleries of the event from Row2k and from AJRA photographers.


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