AJRA - Atlanta Junior Rowing Association

Collegiate Record

AJRA rowers are spending the majority of their time at the Roswell River Landing. Although you might expect their academics to suffer because of this, our athletes usually find just the opposite. Rowers learn very quickly that they will need to be very efficient with their time and stay focused. Every spring we take pride in the success of our seniors because we have seen how rowing has contributed to their discipline and perseverance both on and off the water. Even those that do not choose to go on to row on college teams have benefited from the structure and skills acquired from being an AJRA athlete.

Many AJRA rowers go on to achieve at the highest levels in rowing and academics. Our most recent graduates added the U.S. Naval Academy, Stanford, Brown, Cornell, Georgetown, Nova Southeastern, Trinity College, UCLA, University of Virginia, Ohio State University, University of Alabama, University of Southern California, University of Tennessee, University of Louisville, Emory University and University of Michigan to the ever growing roster of crew teams that include AJRA alumni.