AJRA - Atlanta Junior Rowing Association

Getting Started

Most rowers begin as freshmen, whether in high school or in college. Rowing is fairly unique in that a high school student can join as a novice and after a year move up to row with the varsity team. At both the high school and collegiate level, rowers have been known to row on boats that go on to win national championships with just a couple years of experience.

AJRA has several programs to help new rowers build their skills and learn about the sport:

The novice program teaches high schoolers new to rowing the basics of rowing and conditioning, in preparation for competing in regattas against some of the premier rowing teams in the southeastern United States. The novice program is offered in both the fall and spring seasons.

The recreational team is an introduction to the sport of rowing for those high schoolers unable to commit to the full schedule of a competitive season. No rowing experience is necessary.

The middle school development program (aka “D Squad”) in the Fall and Spring is the perfect way for 7th and 8th graders to gain a basic understanding of the sport while working on conditioning.

Another great program for those interested in rowing at AJRA are the annual Summer Learn to Row Camps. The camps provide a great way for kids to experience rowing, within the structure of summer camp fun.

For more information about  what to expect during the crew experience that is AJRA, read our AJRA Rowers Survival Guide 2015-2016.