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About Rowing

Check out the spectators - they're riding their bikes on the bank to keep up with the boat!Rowing is a centuries-old sport steeped in tradition, which traces its origins back to ancient times. The beginnings of the modern version of the sport date to the early 18th century, when rowing saw the creation of the two most historic races in the sport: the Oxford-Cambridge boat race in 1829 and the Henley Royal Regatta in 1839. As an Olympic sport, rowing was slated to take place in the first modern Olympics in Athens in 1896, but due to bad weather, did not make its first appearance until the Paris Olympics in 1900.

In recent times, rowing has seen a tremendous surge in popularity at both the high school and college levels. The teamwork and camaraderie involved in the sport at every level continue to foster friendships and still remain the main reasons for the popularity of the sport.

Rowing is about striving for individual excellence and striving to achieve as a group of athletes. Rowers push themselves and each other – with a lot of help from great coaches and strong coxswains.

The coxswain of a boat is pivotal to building a superior team.  We are always seeking individuals with the unique blend of leadership skills and physical build to become part of our team.  A person with strong mental focus, motivational skills, and a great attitude are likely to succeed in this role.

This sport is really going places and you can find out lots more by going to these websites:

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