AJRA - Atlanta Junior Rowing Association

Rowing Seasons

Rowing is a year-long sport that consists of three basic seasons: fall, winter, and spring.

Fall races are called head races and generally take place on rivers. Head races are three to five kilometers long, which means a rower typically races for 15 to 25 minutes. Head racing is a timed event with each boat starting approximately 30 seconds apart. The boat with the fastest time wins.

The winter season is about conditioning. Practices are spent training indoors on a rowing machine called the ergometer. In recent years, indoor ergometer events have become popular during the winter season. The Atlanta Erg sprints are held at Georgia Tech each year, which is a fun competition to bridge our seasons and jump into spring.

Spring races are called sprint races. They are usually rowed on a buoyed, six-lane course. Sprint races are 1500 and 2000 meters in length — all six boats start at the same time, and the first boat to cross the finish line wins. These races are quick, typically lasting only 6 to 8 minutes.