AJRA - Atlanta Junior Rowing Association


This organization takes leadership seriously. AJRA’s experienced coaching staff have competed at the highest level of collegiate competition. All our coaches are USRowing certified – they want to grow the sport by teaching others and are committed to helping AJRA rowers strive for individual excellence and team success.

 Squad Coach Email
Varsity Men Rob Canavan coach.rob@ajracrew.com
Zach Smarr coach.smarr@ajracrew.com
Varsity Women Jordan Smith coach.jordan@ajracrew.com
Lauren Smeeding coach.lauren@ajracrew.com
Sculling Shawn Connell coach.shawn@ajracrew.com
Novice Men Andrew Castillo coach.andrew@ajracrew.com
George Virgo coach.george@ajracrew.com
Novice Women Sarah Hudnall coach.hudnall@ajracrew.com
Recreational Team Eric Rusiecki (lead) coach.eric@ajracrew.com
Erin Shinners
Developmental Rachel Stacks (lead) coach.rachel@ajracrew.com
Betsy Bender, Raymond Chen,
Leslie Floyd, Erin Shinners
Jacob Sutton
Canavan VM-revRob Canavan
Varsity Men
Kazlow VM-revJake Kazlow
Varsity Men
Smith VW-revJordan Smith
Varsity Women
Lauren Smeeding VW-revLauren Smeeding
Varsity Women
Low NM-revSarah Low
Novice Men
Jakubowicz NM-revMark Jakubowicz
Novice Men
Shawn Connell NW-revShawn Connell
Novice Women
Felso NW-revVanessa Felso
Novice Women

second row

Coach_AdrianAdrian Alonso
Rec Team
Matt Page Wk D SQ Rec-revMatt Page
Rec/Dev Teams
Andy Stein Wk D SQ-revAndy Stein
Weekday Dev
Anna Virgo Sat D SQ-revAnna Virgo
Weekday Dev
Matt Morelli Wk Sat D SQ-revMatt Morelli
Weekday/Sat Dev
Bill Morgan Sat D SQ-revBill Morgan
Sat Dev
Zach Smarr Wk D SQ-revZach Smarr
Weekday Dev